9 Must Have Generation Outage Management System Features

Posted by Versify Team on 9/15/17 12:30 PM

Outage management systems are becoming a core component of an energy company’s application landscape.  Just like Bid-to-Bill, EMS/SCADA, or ETRM systems, outage management systems support key business processes that are critical to an asset-centric company’s financial and operational success.

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Posted by Bob Furry on 9/14/17 1:00 PM

logo.jpgGenerating Availability Data System (GADS) was initiated by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) in 1982 to collect and track data from all conventional generator owners.

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Topics: GADS, Outage Management System

Outage Planners: Improving Reliability

Posted by Bob Furry on 8/31/17 8:00 AM

Versify_Logo.pngOutage planners understand that periodic outages and derates are a necessary part of bulk power system operations. Outages are required when completing new infrastructure, upgrading existing capabilities, testing plant performance and conducting required maintenance.

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What you need to know: energy trader new york iso

Posted by Versify Team on 10/14/14 2:57 PM

As an energy trader New York ISO you are part of a dynamic network of energy generators and distributors who are lighting the way for the New York region. The New York Independent System Operator works with its stakeholders to ensure the reliability of the power grid while benefiting end-users by:

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Tools for Energy Trader PJM Interconnection

Posted by Versify Team on 10/1/14 3:33 AM

For an energy trader PJM is like a stock market with participants establishing electricity price by matching supply and demand. It is a dynamic marketplace and participating in it effectively can help your entity power past the competition and maintain itself as a reliable energy source on the bulk power grid.

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